Std 10th English 2.6 World Heritage Swadhyay

Std 10th English Unit Two 2.6 World Heritage

Std 10th English World Heritage Swadhyay

Std 10th English World Heritage Swadhyay

    As of 2009, there are 890 World Heritage Sites that are located in 148 countries (map). 689 of these sites are cultural and include places like the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Historic Center of Vienna in Austria. 176 are natural and feature such locations as the U.S.’s Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks.Sites are considered mixed i.e. natural and cultural Peru’s Machu Picchu is one of these. Italy has the highest number of World Heritage Sites with 44.India has 36 (28 cultural, 7 natural and 1 mixed) World Heritage Sites. The World Heritage Committee has divided the world’s countries into five geographic zones which include (1) Africa, (2) Arab States, (3) Asia Pacific (including Australia and Oceania), (4) Europe and North America and (5) Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Shortly thereafter in 1965, a White House Conference in the United States called for a "World Heritage Trust" to protect historic cultural sites but to also protect the world's significant natural and scenic sites. Finally, in 1968, the International Union for Conservation of Nature developed similar goals and presented them at the United Nations conference on Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. Following the presentation of these goals, the Convention concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage was adopted by Conference on November 16, 1972. UNESCO's General
    Today, the World Heritage Committee is the main group responsible for establishing which sites will be listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Committee meets once a year and consist of representatives from 21 State Parties that are elected for six year terms by the World Heritage Center's General Assembly. The State Parties are then responsible for identifying and nominating new sites within their territory to be considered for inclusion on the World Heritage list.
Worksheet: Complete the worksheet in your notebook. If you have any doubt, contact your subject teacher.


Q. 5] A1 or A2. Do any one of the following activities.

Imagine you are Tejas/ Tejswini Kale from Room No. A/102, Karmveer Nagar, Mangalwar Peth, Satara -411412. You have read the following advertisement regarding "Tree Plantation". Write a letter from the following.

'Save Trees, Save Nation'

Std 10th English World Heritage Swadhyay Quiz

Nature Foundation, Satara urges about Tree plantation pengraimn
Don't cut trees.
Plant a minimum tree every year. Trees provide clean environment. No trees, No living things. Trees are longs of us. Where will you get delicious fruits from? Plant trees and encourage others about planting trees.
Save Trees, Save Earth
Nature Foundation

A1. Informal Letter:
Look at the above advertisement. Write a letter to your brother/sister appealing her to plant trees. Tell him/her the importance plantation. of tree

A2. Formal Letter:
Look at the above advertisement. Your school has decided to plant trees in school campus. Write a letter to the forest officer of your district. Request him to provide saplings to your school. Begin and end your letter properly.
Note: Students should attempt both types of letters.
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